Posted by Jester

@everyone BETA Is right here almost finished! People Who have 24 hours in BETA Will receive a Free "Battle Pass". **NOTE** -**You have to be active with us aswell! Find bugs, Learning the game as well as posting things you might see in-game, or suggestions that might help with QOL! "Quality of Life". ** So there is an incentive for being a Decimate BETA Tester! Again if you find anything thats game breaking... Game changing.... Or things that would benefit for QOL please post in the **BUGS** or **SUGGESTION** Threads!! please hold tight and ill be with you here shortly! If you have any questions please write any online staff! @jokerjester9 @daddy6668 @dutchgio @.hayabusa_  On Discord And we will answer as quick as we can !! Thank you !!! HELL OF A RIDE @everyone !! THANK YOU!!


                                                      **NOTE! Creating an In-Game User will Create your Website Login/Password!**