Perk Tree, and fixes

Posted by Gio

Perk Tree

The perk tree has been updated with the new perks, the perk tree is finally full. Convert your spare armour, and weapons to perk dust and unlock the perks. Some of the perks are: 

  • Casket king - chance to auto complete clues upon opening
  • Droprate II- get overall +30% droprate
  • Slayer II - 2x Slayer points
  • Instance II- 30% chance to get free instance (off task)

New punishment system

With the new punishment system it's easier for the staff members to controll the punishments. There will be no more lockouts after being unbanned. We hope of course not to use the new punishment system!

Slayer changes

The amount of Slayer creature to slay from Vannaka and Kuradel has been changed, they will now assign 50-175 creatures. There has been a new item added that the Reaper Master sells, you need 120 Slayer to open this shop!

Valentine's came to an end

The Valentine's event came to an end, you won't receive any hearts now from the global bosses anymore. 

Other fixes

  • Agumon Scythe has now the correct str bonus
  • Fixed the x amount in the store and trading
  • Doppelganger box has more items
  • AFK fixes