Dungeoneering, Chat icons, and QoL updates

Posted by Gio


A new minigame has been released, named Dungeoneering! Dungeoneering is a dungeon crawler minigame, where you fight various monsters to obtain better gear. Bank all your gear and inventory and head to Deamonheim! Hatsune made a guide about Dungeoneering, you can find it here.


When you teleport to Deamonheim in the minigame teleport, you will be greeted by Thok. Thok will be your friend when it comes to starting a dungeon. Make a party which contains up to 5 members, and talk to Thok. 

Floors and Complexity

Before you enter a dungeon, you can select a floor and complexity, at this moment we only have 1 floor. We will add new floors soon. Complexity is the difficulty, for complexity 3 you need to have at least 2 players in your party. For complexity 4 you need to have at least 3 players in your party to start. 


In the dungeon you find a NPC “Smuggler” he will trade you food, potions, and starter weapon. In the next rooms, you will find monsters you must slay. The monsters have a chance of dropping new weapons, gear, or supplies. At the end of the dungeon you will find a boss, the boss will always drop a weapon, or gear! Once you leave the dungeon, you will receive Dungeoneering tokens.

Dungeoneering store 

With the dungeoneering tokens you can buy Chaotic weapons, Dungeoneering gear, boxes, and elixirs. You can find the store on the opposite of Thok.


Chat icons

We have added new chat icons, so you don't get confused anymore with the Sapphire on every global messages. 


Quality of Life

There are a few QoL updates, the following have been implemented:

  • The instance portal now takes 1b certificates from your money pouch
  • Global bosses drops now “Champions token” which increase the odds in the upgrade table
  • Opening mystery boxes with “open all” now tracks your items received in your collection log

Bug fixes

The following bugs have been fixed

  • Trade bug
  • Monster set up


  • You do now have an option to de-iron your ironman account, you can do this at Ironman Tutor at the south side of the home area, next to the fountain. Keep in mind, you will reset your Inventory, Equipment, Bank, Slayer Progress, Kills, Drop Log, Points, and Skills!
  • Group ironman can now leave their group at the tutor.
  • Ironman now can't buy items from the general store.

The Decimate Team