Posted by Jester

You Heard that right! Launch is right around the corner, hoping by saturday evening EST! There's only a couple things left we have to attend to and make sure its all 100%!

-Slayer Master's


-AOE Effects



These couple of things are all we have left to finish and fix/Triple check! 

All Minigame's/AFK Zone for every skill/Combat/Drops And Tons more updates have been completed! 

With that being said, We're so happy to have grown a community with dedicated players so fast... Means a lot to us and thank you for the support.

All the Feedback has been Noted in Suggestions and all Bugs posted have been Eliminated or resolved! Cant wait to see you all on release day! We will keep everyone posted on any updates we plan for the future or Release Time in general as we inch our way there! Thank you all !!! 

From, The Decimate Team!