Launch has been amazing!

Posted by Jester

@everyone Glad to say the server is running great! Smooth and super enjoyable! Full release is here!! Make sure you make a AFK skilling account for the AFK skilling zone and farmt he AFK skulls! The AFK shop is great! Everyone who hops on i will hand out a bonus for login! If anyone has any problems shoot any staff online a message and we will help anyway we can! Thanks for everyone being apart of Decimate !! We appricaite you!!!I Will be Hosting events tomorrow throughout the day! Be sure to be on to join us for the giveaway's!! Thanks everyone for making the launch so enjoyable! We have some true dedicated players! Updates are being pushed with a bunch of fixes, "AoE,Superior drops, More with AFK Skilling zone ect! Also we will be starting our first event to start the new year "New Years Event" so be ready for the first piece of added content! One big thing we will work on next is starting the Invention Skill!, Be ready for this big piece of content also! With that being said i will see you on tomorrow! From, Team Decimate See you in game!!