Thank you all for the Support!!

Posted by Jester

@everyone I want to say how much we appreciate the Supporters of Decimate! Your support helps keep the server Grow and stay alive!! With that being said we have some major updates coming, in we hope will be the last of the Major bug fixes and we can go on to Continue develop the server with additional content!! -Exploration Skill -New years Event -Endless content opportunity's


If you guys have any issues in game be sure to contact any staff online and we will help resolve anything we can! If you have suggestions for additional content don't be afraid to drop your idea's! We want the community as involved as possible! Also if there are any map creators and you would like to have your maps showcased! please Write  or And we will take a look!



Thank you guys again for the amount of support we have starting this journey, We will not stop until "Decimate" Is the #1 Custom Server in the scene!


                                                                                                                   Sincerely, The Decimate Team