New Years Event, Voting, and Roadmap

Posted by Gio

New Years Event

The first big event is live! Talk to the Event Treasure Fairy at home by the fountain. The New Years Event consists a raid using Melee, Magic, and Range. Prepare your gear as you face Santa, and Krampus. If you manage to defeat them you will obtain Event keys to give you the fine edge to progress through the game. Besides the raid you are getting 1 New Years point for every kill you do on the whole server, these points are spent at the event store. The Event keys can give you Elite Primal armour and weapons, so give it a try and test your skills!



After a long period of not being able to vote for the server, we have finally built a custom vote script where you are able to vote for Decimate. Head over to the Voting page, and vote on the websites, there will be more websites for you to vote in the near future. After you have voted, go in the game and type: ::voted to claim your votes. Everyone who has voted already you can claim your vote reward. For every 60 votes, there will be a Vote Boss: Seren. Seren has a nice droptable, so go vote every 12 hours to be able to kill Seren. 



We are working on the following updates in the future. We are going to add more Ultra Bosses with their own gear set, two more Raids, two more Global bosses; an Iron-man only boss, and a Perk Dust Boss. We are also working on a new Skills! A new skill to the custom scene "Exploration"! With Another skill we all love "Invention", and a new system for the Battle pass. If you want to test those updates you can message Jester jokerjester9 on Discord to give you the Tester role. 

Bug fixes

The following bugs are fixed: 

  • Iron-man accounts are now getting their starter pack
  • Referral bag
  • Open-all on mystery boxes.

Other changes

The following changes has been made: 

  • Disabled gambling until further notice
  • Removed bonecrusher from the stores until it has been fixed
  • Added a guaranteed drop at the Youtube Boss


  • Fixed global drop problems
  • Fixes to stop multi spawn after dying in an instance
  • Cleaned out spam from vote claiming
  • Added Vote scrolls to vote claiming
  • Cleaned spam from event points