New Bosses, Battle Pass, and more

Posted by Gio

New Bosses

Introducing four formidable new bosses into the game: Groudon, Goku, Agumon, and Green Hornet!


Groudon is now a Global Boss, spawning every 4 hours! Acquiring Groudon's armour set is a significant achievement, as it is the best among all global boss armour sets!


Goku, an ultra boss, drops an impressive new magic armour set. If you meet the requirements, seek out Goku and defeat him to claim your reward.


Another ultra boss, Agumon, now drops the new tribrid armour set and weapons. Face the challenge and secure these powerful additions to your arsenal!

Green Hornet

Green Hornet, the new ultra boss, stands out as it lacks an instance. However, it offers the best-in-slot armour. Collect Green Hornet Crystals and upgrade your armour at the Work Bench at home.


Battle Pass

The Battle Pass has undergone a revamp! Seasons are now shortened to 2 weeks, and all rewards are claimable once you level up, addressing a previous issue with the system.

Valentine's Event

Celebrate Valentine's with a special event! For the next two weeks, all Global bosses drop Valentine's hearts. Collect them and exchange for random items. Join the hunt for global bosses during this event!


Other News

Here are some additional updates to enhance your gaming experience:

  • Solak Mystery Box, Icy Vorago Mystery Box, and Super Voter's Box has been added to the game
  • Thor, Zues, and Hades Armour Set has been added to the game
  • Fixed the Luck, and Epic luck tokens, it now works on the global bosses!


The Decimate Team